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Apartment Design – New York Style

New York City means something to people virtually anywhere in the world. Whether you think of New York as the place to be or you think it’s the place to avoid, there is no doubt it has a style that is all its own. One near-universal truth about life here is a space that is smaller than one would like. But that’s OK, because with a keen eye on the latest design trends your small space can appear larger than it is in no time.

Wall of Mirrors

Nothing can add more light and the appearance of depth and openness to a room faster than a large mirror. This isn’t a place for a small, unobtrusive mirror. For the optical illusion to work, you’ll want to find one that is nearly as tall as the room itself. If you’re worried about putting holes in the walls of your rental, propping a mirror up against the wall works just as well, and adds a cool “art house” effect.

Distinct Areas with Area Rugs

Your kitchen, living room, dining room and for that matter, your bedroom, may all be one big space. But that doesn’t mean your whole pad has to look the same from room to room. Using different area rugs in each distinct space can really differentiate the various areas of your home without creating physical barriers with decorative screens or curtains.

A Clearing in the Distance

One of the quickest ways to make a space feel cramped is clutter. While it’s sometimes hard to find a place for everything, and even harder to put everything in its place, keeping clutter to a minimum will really help to keep your space a serene one. With the availability of furniture with built-in storage it’s easier than ever to keep things looking tidy.

Deliberate Distraction

Sometimes it really feels like everything is on display in a smaller space. You can take advantage of this by having one piece in particular to draw the eye in every room. This can be achieved with functional things like an oversize clock in the dining room, a really funky kettle in the kitchen and a fascinating cover for your TV in the living room.

There really is no place like New York City. The drawbacks to living here (crowds, smaller spaces) really are outweighed by the benefits (endless opportunity, city that never sleeps) so once you master a few of the latest design trends to make your space feel like a palace, you’ll learn to love it here even more.

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