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When is a Blackout a Good Thing?

Usually when we think of a blackout we think of the massive inconvenience of walking instead of taking the elevator and trying to salvage the contents of the fridge. But sometimes, being in the dark is a good thing! Cutting the power to your home would be an extreme way to get the benefits of total darkness, and you’d have to reset all the clocks when you flick it back on, but when you’re redecorating your home you should consider the benefits of a blackout layer for your window coverings.

Eastern Exposure

Watching the sun rise is a great experience that everybody should have at least once, but if your bedroom faces east, the onset of spring means you’ll be seeing that sunrise earlier and earlier every morning. Unless you’re into catching worms, that unwelcome disruption to your sleep can leave you feeling restless. Doing something as simple as adding a light blocking window shade can help you control just how early you’ll be seeing that first morning light.

Working the Night Shift

The afternoon or evening shift can mean havoc for your rest as daytime sleeping can interfere with your body’s natural sleep pattern, or circadian rhythms. The bright lights and extra noise of daytime activities can make it even harder to get high-quality rest. Short of finding a different job, you can’t do much about the times of day that you work, but you can do something about the quality of sleep that you get during the day. Adding a layer of blackout drapes to your window coverings can help do more than make the room darker, their insulating properties can help keep things quieter too.


The Baby’s Room

The person who first said “sleeping like a baby” must have meant a shallow sleep that is virtually never long enough, especially during naps, because THAT is how babies sleep. When babies are having trouble sleeping during the day, they also tend to have trouble sleeping at night. And if baby isn’t sleeping, NOBODY is sleeping. One of the first things infant sleep experts recommend to help your baby take longer, better naps is making sure the room is dark enough. You could rearrange your house to find a darker nap corner (and there are days this will seem like a perfectly reasonable solution) but before trying such a desperate tactic, consider some blackout shades.
Natural light can be a great thing in many rooms, but sometimes it does more harm than good. When you need to turn out the lights during the day, blackout window coverings are a huge blessing!

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