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Providing service for Brooklyn, Manhattan & New York City

As one of the longest standing window treatment retailers in New York City, our reputation for quality, service and selection continues to be our mark for success. Throughout our many years in the business of offering shades, curtains and drapes, we have been growing our business consistently through customer satisfaction and top-notch quality. We are proud to be announcing the opening of our brand new location in the Manhattan area, in early 2014. Our new window treatment showroom will enable shoppers to browse the many styles and elegant designs, through our virtually endless window treatment solutions. Brooklyn, Manhattan and New York City residents will enjoy browsing the wide array of solutions, for any room in your home or office. Through our expert design team, we can offer you advice to assist you in discovering the ideal solution that will best suit your specific needs. Residents of Brooklyn and Manhattan are notorious for their great taste and keen eye for style and decor, so we like to ensure you are kept well-informed on the latest design trends when making your choice of materials and colors; whether you are shopping for blinds, shades, curtains or any other window treatment solution.

Let the Sunshine in with Solar Shades

Whether you have a Brooklyn home or Manhattan office, you may have very specific requirements when shopping around for a window treatment that is just right for your space. For some, finding suitable window treatment solutions will mean a style that is altogether muted and understated, such as the look of solar shades. Some find the smart and minimalistic design of solar shades will allow the rest of the room to shine, with a ‘less is more’ approach. As an added benefit, solar shades can filter out overpowering light, from those bright, sunny days, whatever the time of year.

Window Treatment Solutions for Brooklyn & Manhattan

Discerning shoppers will have their specific needs met when choosing Dr. Shade. We not only offer an amazing selection of styles, materials and colors, but our products are very versatile, too. Motorized shades can offer ease-of-use automated window treatment solutions that work with the touch of a button and work well in media rooms, or just about any room where it’s important to control room light.

Shades in Brooklyn & Manhattan

Through the installation of electric shades, Brooklyn homes, and those that are located throughout Manhattan, can utilize the ultimate in convenience and comfort that is offered, particularly for larger window openings and harder to reach areas. Our custom made shades, drapes and curtains – a majority of which are manufactured right here in the USA, can be specially made for easy installation into any home, office or retail space. Our wide selection of automated shades are the ideal solution for large openings, tall windows or any hard to reach areas that you need to control light and/or privacy. Along with convenience, motorized shades and drapes can also add an element of safety, by eliminating a need to climb a ladder or step to draw shades open or closed. Whether you are shopping for dramatic and elegant or simplistic and understated, we have the ideal window treatment solution for you.

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