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Change Your Space With New Window Coverings

When you look around your home, what do you see? It’s your sanctuary, the place you go to seek peace and refuge after a long day. If all you can see are things that fall squarely in the “Needs Improvement” category, it’s time to make a change. Few of us have tons of extra dollars just lying around waiting for the day we decide to redecorate the house, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Something as simple as changing your window coverings can make a huge difference.

Make it Lighter

When it’s a room where privacy isn’t a big concern, sheers are a great choice. Today’s sheer window treatments are not your grandmother’s lacy curtains! Modern sheers are made from interesting fabrics. They can be simple and elegant, or ornate with printed patterns to bring a touch of the exotic to your room. But best of all, if they’re in a room with good natural light, sheers will let all of that light in without blinding you every time you walk in the room.

Make it Darker

The early light of a summer morning is great, if you’re a bird! For those of us who would rather not be treated to the harsh light of day *quite* so early, there have been great advances in blackout window coverings. These are especially helpful in children’s’ bedrooms because one early riser can wake the whole house. Usually blackout curtains bring to mind the stiff, vinyl curtains in hotel rooms that never close all the way. Rest assured, modern blackout window covering options are way less frustrating! In a small space, a simple roller blind properly mounted outside the window will do the trick.

Make it Cleaner

Some people enjoy housework. They say they find it therapeutic. It’s also possible they’re lying. One task NOBODY enjoys is dusting the blinds. An easy solution to this problem is vertical blinds because there isn’t a surface for dust to rest on, but that look isn’t for everybody. Curtains aren’t a great choice for families with rambunctious pets or small children. One option to consider is new cellular shades. Modern cellular shades are anti-static and a quick swipe with your vacuum cleaner brush attachment once in a while may be all you need to keep them clean.

Making changes in your home doesn’t have to be a major overhaul. Something simple like replacing the dated blinds in the living room with something new and fabulous can really change the look of the whole room. Maybe it’s time to give it a shot!

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