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Choosing the Right Interior Designer

Once you have decided to change the look of one room, you can easily start down the slippery slope of redecorating your whole house. You may have a good idea of what a finished redecorating project will look like in your home, but actually doing it with good flow from room to room while maximizing every inch of available space is easier said than done. With their training and creativity, an interior designer can help make your vision a reality. Knowing what to look for when hiring a designer can mean the difference between joy and pain in your redesign.


Review Online Portfolios

If your best friend just redecorated their home and loved their designer, your decision should be an easy one. But like most people, you’ll probably start with typing “Interior Designer” + “your city” into the Google search bar. That’s a great place to start! Checking out the online portfolios of many designers will help you get an idea of what design elements work best with your tastes. No matter how competent they are, if a designer’s signature style is a total mismatch with your vision, it’s best to keep looking.
Once you have narrowed it down to a few candidates whose portfolios you enjoy, contact the designers to see if their availability matches your timeline. Have them over for a consultation to get an idea of whether or not your personalities will be a good fit. You will be working closely with this person to redefine the most personal place on earth, your home, so make sure you’re comfortable expressing your wishes with them clearly.


Check References

Checking references from past clients is arguably the most important part of the selection process. It’s best to leave this until you have narrowed the field down to two or three candidates. Be sure to ask these questions:
• Was the project completed on time and on budget?
• Did the designer take personal tastes into consideration?
• How was their communication throughout the project?
• Would they recommend working with this designer to their best friend?


How Much Will it Cost?

Interior designers have different fee structures. Some charge a flat rate, some charge an hourly fee, and still others work on a “cost plus” basis. Obviously your budget is an important consideration. If your designer works on a “cost plus” structure, be sure to compare prices for the pieces they have selected to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

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