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Color Your Space Beautiful

Are you ready to welcome spring with a fresh new look for your living space? New paint is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your home a makeover, but unless you’re simply refreshing the same shade, choosing the “right” color can leave would-be decorators ready to throw in the paint chip.


So many choices…

Begin by considering the overall look you’d like to achieve: Calm? Vibrant? Dramatic? Often our favorite colors are represented in other areas – our clothes, accessories, furnishings and fabrics, for example. This can be a good place to start when considering your color options. Magazines can also offer ideas about how colors might work together in a similar space, along with ideas about trims, ceilings, windows and floor coverings. Collect images you like and consider why they appeal to you.

While your walls provide the backdrop for furniture, artwork and accessories, they also set the overall tone for the space and can even affect your mood. While your family room might be perfect for something warm and cosy, for example, a vibrant hue in your office can invigorate and inspire.

The room’s orientation and shape, time of day and lighting can all affect how we see wall color, so the same shade can look completely different from one room to another, and at various times of day.

Those with a rich palette of colors and textures in their furnishings and accessories might opt for a neutral shade that will complement, but not compete. The same may be true when picture windows and patio doors allow the outdoor landscape to be enjoyed from indoors.


Not sure? Start small

Today’s open layouts can make paint choices even more nerve-wracking as colors must flow between spaces. Some choose a single color throughout, while others opt for complementary shades. This doesn’t mean you can’t paint for a little wow factor, though.

An accent wall can be a great way to introduce a hit of color to a living room, dining room or bedroom, or look to the powder room to make a real design statement. Typically separated visually from the rest of the home, this is a great opportunity to flex your design muscles. Still can’t commit? Many companies now offer paint testers, so you can see the color on a larger section of the wall, rather than deciding from a two-inch chip.

And remember, at the end of the day, it’s only paint – if you don’t like it, paint over it!


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