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Decorating – Trend or Fad?

When reading design magazines or online articles, you will often notice objects or styles being referred to as “on trend.” Still other sources will dismissively refer to some design elements as just a passing fad. While it’s generally understood that trends are good and fads are bad, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. We’re here to help you sort out what’s a trend you should invest in, and what’s a fad you should let pass you by.

Test of Time

The biggest difference between a trend and a fad is the lifespan. Whether it’s in fashion or in home décor, a fad can come and go so quickly you might miss it. A trend might change or evolve, but it will hang on for a while. In the 1970s, avocado-colored kitchen appliances were a fad that people ended up stuck with for decades because of the high cost of buying a new fridge and stove. Today, stainless steel appliances are a trend that will stick around because of their versatility.

Trends Follow Society

New homes are being built with greater efficiency all the time. Washers and dryers are moving from the basement to the upper floors. This is a practical solution for everybody, but it has been designed with a rapidly aging population in mind. Retiring baby boomers don’t want to haul baskets of laundry up and down extra flights of stairs.
Catering to the needs of the aging population has been the impetus for a number of changes in home design and décor. The freezer on many new fridges is on the bottom now to spare the backs of people who can’t or don’t want to crawl around on the floor to get an apple out of the crisper. Enhancements are made every year to blinds and window treatments to make them easier to clean without climbing a ladder.

How to Tell the Difference

It’s easy to get swept up in a fad. When wondering if the latest one is for you, consider the effort and expense to add it. Paint and throw cushions are cheap, so you can incorporate them with relative ease. The most important thing to consider is how you feel about a particular design element. If you think you will tire of looking at a brightly-hued accent wall or throw cushions in your living room in short order, let this season’s hottest color pass you by.
Your home is your sanctuary. If the piece you have fallen in love with isn’t “on trend” this year, buy it anyway. You just may be the next trendsetter!

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