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Fabric Guide for Window Treatments in NYC

There’s more to type, style, and color when choosing window treatments. In NYC where a lot of people live in apartments, some materials may be better than others in the sense that these are more suitable for city living.

Here’s a short guide on some of the most common materials used for curtains and drapes.

Canvas – Simple and understated, canvas curtains feature a minimalist look that is modern altogether. Canvas can block out light and go with a multitude of design motifs.

Velvet – Velvet offers an expensive look while effectively blocking out light and providing privacy. Some have even used velvet curtains as a novel room divider.

Muslin – A type of cotton that is woven, muslin remains popular among designers because of its airy appearance. If you want your apartment in NYC to feel lighter and more spacious, muslin is your best bet.

From natural fibers to synthetic blends, this is but a quick glimpse of how varied your fabric choices are. Get professional design advice for a more polished look befitting for NYC living. Contact our experts about window treatments for NYC at (212) 343-9900.

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Window Treatments in NYC: Motorized and Automated

Three Reasons to Go for Motorized Window Treatments in NYC

If you’re still undecided or confused about the wide range of choices available for window treatments, here are three good reasons why you should go for motorized window treatments for your NYC home.

#1. Convenient – If you have high windows, all you need is a remote to help you adjust the privacy and light settings. This is also great for those who frequently have guests over at their home as they can leave a stylish impression.

#2. Affordable – Automated window treatments are modern and technologically savvy which is perfect for upscale New York. The best part is they’re more affordable than you think! If that’s not enough to convince you, your purchase also comes with warranty, assuring you that you get value for your money.

#3. Pet and child-safe – No more dangling ropes and cords, which are hazardous to pets and young children. If you don’t have pets or kids around, you can still benefit from the absence of ropes and cords as your window will look neater.

For inquiries about motorized window treatments in NYC, contact us at (212) 343-9900.

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