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Fall Decorating – Ideas for the Season

Stick a fork in summer, it’s done! Autumn is upon us in all of its rich, colorful glory. It may be a little extreme to redo your whole living room in a Walking Dead motif in honor of Halloween. However, there are a lot of things you can do to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home without going crazy.

Gourds Galore!

Who doesn’t love a Jack o’ Lantern in the living room? It’s worth the effort for the roasted pumpkin seeds alone! With wide array of colors from white to green to red and the classic orange, a bowl of decorative gourds in your entrance way brings the richness of the season into the house. Better still, in a beautiful vase these little squashes are just as lovely as fresh-cut flowers, but they last way longer! The more patient among us can etch the house number and the family name into different pumpkins to line the pathway of the house. And did we mention the seeds? Yes, we did. They really are the best part of pumpkin carving, and they make your house smell better than any air freshener possibly could.

Gridiron Glory

Women look forward to fall so they can break out their boot collection and sweaters, but a lot of the men in their lives look forward to it for the return of Monday Night Football. Fashion and football can go together in your home with a few creative touches. A driftwood placard with the logo of the family’s favorite team can hang in the den unobtrusively. A centerpiece made from ribbon that matches the team’s colors shows support and makes an interesting conversation piece for every group get-together.

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time to gather the people closest to us to remember what’s truly important. The food, the family, and the friendships we share. Those are the elements that matter most over the holidays. Of course none of these will be diminished if there isn’t a fantastic centerpiece on the table, but it really does serve as a conversation piece to start off the occasion. If you don’t feel like it’s necessary, just remember that your brother’s new girlfriend who is meeting the clan for the first time would LOVE to have something other than the weather or football to talk about!

Fall is a time to celebrate the harvest while getting stuff done before the howling winds of winter make it impossible. Charming décor touches can bring the lingering warmth of the season inside for just a little while longer.

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