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A Fresh Take on an Old Space

Are you looking for a bold new look for your living or office space? A new year is upon us, and now is the time to introduce fresh, new interior décor ideas, using bold styles and colors. While trend setters have officially elected “orchid” as the interior design color of 2014, you may have other ideas and inspirations for defining your own space. Be bold. Break the rules.

Whatever your pick for color is this year, do your best to see past your own immediate impulses; plan your choices wisely and according to the overall ‘vibe’ of the room. If you’re aiming to create more warmth, start by selecting a single dominant color that can be accented with contrasting shades. Balance those long and narrow spaces with darker colors (along the shorter end walls), as the darker colors are great for creating an illusion of additional width. You can make any small space feel larger by utilizing lighter colors, ideally within the same color ‘family’ as the furnishings and overall light of the room – try to go with the flow instead of against the grain.

Whether you are introducing a few simple color accents or are tackling a complete room makeover, understanding some critical design principles will help you create a space that is both beautiful and balanced. Most interior designers begin their redesign projects by visualizing their goals; outlining the main design components first before working their way down to finer details. Planning your design around a single focal point may be a good first step. You can then choose elements that will complement the ‘flow’ and ‘movement’ of the space, all the while creating balance, harmony and unity.

Selecting appropriate window dressings to complete your room can take a bit of time, as you sort through the many styles, colors and materials of what some consider the final, but critical step. The right choice can dramatically improve the overall appeal of the room, while the wrong one can overshadow its natural beauty and style. Selecting a window dressing can be about much more than simple esthetics; consider other purposes and functions offered by the many choices. Some rank higher than others when it comes to overall functionality, such as light blocking and providing complete privacy. Other alternatives can be less about function and more about form, but there’s a fine line between subtle and boring.

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