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Home Décor 2014 – What’s in This Year?

Now that we have the ability to check out countless designs online, it’s cool to talk about interior decorating again! One website in particular has millions of people the world over trying to outdo the internet with pictures of their living rooms. Let’s think about three hot trends in home décor this year so you can join in the fun.


Back to Nature

Earth tones like warm grey are holding strong in 2014, but this year their spring-like pastel cousins are joining the festivities. From colorful accents on the couch to big, bold pieces in floral prints, this year’s pastels are brightening up living rooms and offices alike. Just be sure to carefully avoid anything that brings Easter eggs to mind. Along the same lines, hides are back, and they’re not content to stay on the floor anymore. Fur upholstery is even available in different lengths for those who like to pet the furniture.


Window Treatments

Some say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and others say windows are the eyes to the home. We’re not sure what that says about window coverings, but they’re a hot topic this year. Fashionable soft textiles give blinds a homier look and this year’s array of colors allow the DIY interior design nut a bevy of choices to put some shades on those eyes to the home. Drapery is also on the rise this year. Their breezy elegance is a welcome comeback. Thrifty homeowners wanting to take advantage of the insulating properties of drapes to save on heating and cooling bills, rejoice! But remember it’s only effective when they’re closed.


Down to Brass Tacks

Okay maybe not tacks, but brass elements are really big for 2014. Wood and brass tables look fantastic, especially if the brass has an antique look and the wood is stained in a honey tone. Brass curtain rods will look great while holding up those new drapes. The warmth of brass is in stark contrast to the sleek, high-tech look of stainless steel and screams cozy to everyone who lays eyes on it. Can brass appliances in the kitchen be far behind? Keeping up with the latest design trends doesn’t have to be an all-out redecorating job every year. Something as simple as accents in the year’s trendiest colors (FYI, bold shades of blue/lilac are big) can help you keep with the latest fashion without breaking the bank.




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