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Making the Most of a Small Space

Everybody has that room in the house that is a little (or a lot) too small for its intended purpose. While there are a lot of decorating ideas to make a room LOOK bigger, looks won’t help you when you bang your knee on the coffee table every time you walk into the living room.

Short of a major home renovation project to add more space, what can you do when a room is smaller than you want it to be?

Think Up, Not Out

If you are lucky enough to have high ceilings, you can take advantage of that vertical space. Rather than a bulky bookcase in the tiny office, why not have shelving going around the room close to the ceiling? Instead of a big corner desk in that same office, consider a small desk with shelves above it for the printer, hanging files, pictures, etc.

Get Organized

Nothing makes a small space unbearable quite like clutter. In addition to making it impossible to find anything, excess stuff can clutter your mind as much as it does your space. This applies to extra furniture too. Though that chair may have come with an ottoman, if nobody is using it why, exactly, is it still taking up your limited space?

Before you rush out and buy a whole bunch of home organization guides and storage bins, think very carefully about what really needs to be stored. Otherwise you run the risk of saving stuff that should have been donated or tossed in the first place, and now you have paid for a container to do it in!


Build a Hideout

Kids are obsessed with bunk beds. That’s a perfectly practical option if you have more than one child in a bedroom, but it also lends an idea to make the most of a small bedroom for one child. A loft bed can free up floor space for a desk or a play area. This works really well to soothe the hurt feelings of the child stuck in the smallest room in the house, with the added bonus of an awesome spot for a blanket fort!

If it’s not just one room that’s small but the whole house, get creative. Use a striking curtain to divide the space between two rooms. Use a mirror to add light to a dark corner that can become a home office nook. Use a banquette instead of chairs in the dining room and let it double as storage for the good dishes. Think of your small space as a puzzle and make every piece fit.

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