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Real Design Freshness with Faux Finishes

Before you start cringing in horror, we’re not talking about sponging pastel colors on the bathroom walls. Though faux finishes started out on the wall, they have made their way into serious home design everywhere. If you’re hoping to get a fresh new look for a flea market or Craigslist find, a simple faux finish may be the way to go. Read on for more ideas on how to incorporate real design freshness into your home with faux finishes.

Metallic Paint

When you hear metallic paint, don’t think glitter! Glitter is for night clubs and children’s crafts. Modern metallic paint can be used to add elegance to any room. An old chair or mirror with a wooden frame can be given a fresh, contemporary finish with metallic paint and a high-gloss lacquer on top. This look can bring a sleek elegance to the room at a fraction of the cost of actual metal furnishings.

Artisan Finish

Harkening to days of yore along the Mediterranean, an artisan finish on a wood furniture piece give the illusion of marble or stone, bringing old world charm to any space. Relatively simple to apply with a leaf, a wire brush and some tissue paper, you can re-purpose an existing piece in your home with an artisan finish. The gorgeous look of stone furniture is yours, but this stuff is way easier to transport when the time comes to move.


Sandstone Finish

support column in the living room, the gritty texture of a sandstone finish is one way to add a seemingly-expensive touch to your home for less than a song. New sandstone finishes are applied just like regular paint and are available in all the colors of the rainbow and then some.

Crackling Finish

Everything old is new again, but if you have something new that you’d rather have looking old, consider a crackle finish. Simply apply a color you’d like to see streaming through, apply the crackling glaze and paint over it with your desired top color for that antique look. Crackle finish works best on smaller pieces like night stands or the front of dresser drawers.
Getting creative with faux finishes allows you to bring a fresh new look to old pieces at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Like all new paint techniques, it’s best to try on a small practice surface before going wild on something you hope to have as a focal piece in your home.

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