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Great Selection for Blinds, Shades & Curtains

New York City and Manhattan

We have been proudly serving New York City with the most up to date and stylish blinds Manhattan has had to offer since 1987. During this time, we have flourished and have become a permanent fixture in the lives of many New Yorkers. In fact, such is the popularity of our offering that, if you are looking for window treatments anywhere in the New York City area, Manhattan will soon be home to our brand new showroom, opening in 2014. Whatever you are looking for, we have styles and designs to suit all tastes. Manhattan homes will benefit from the improvements that Dr. Shade window treatments can provide. Perhaps you are looking for something for a lounge or bedroom, such as our tasteful and decorative range of curtains and drapes. Choose the room in your Manhattan home that you wish to improve or update, and we can provide an ideal solution. To help you understand what will suit you best, our experts are on hand to provide detailed and useful advice on many aspects of interior design, including drapes, curtains, or uniquely Manhattan window treatments or wood blinds. Residents of New York City, - and Manhattan in particular, are well known for their great taste and wide-ranging styles, so we like to be sure that you are well-informed when you choose any of our products – from drapes and blinds, to curtains or roman shades.

Solar Shades for Sunny Days

Manhattan homes, just as those across New York City, obviously have specific needs and requirements when it comes to window treatment; sometimes a window simply needs a subtle and tasteful addition, such as the unique style and appeal of roller shades. Manhattan and New York City summers offer stunning weather, but with bright, sunny days potentially occurring all year round, to control the light in a room, your perfect solution could be solar shades.

Our Selection of Window Treatment

Manhattan residents really are spoiled for selection and style when dealing with Dr. Shade. Not only do we offer incredibly stylish products, but they are versatile and easy to use, too. For example, with our motorized shades, Manhattan residents can have easy-to-use automated shades systems that work at the touch of a button. These satisfying systems enable effortless adjustments and are ideal for skylights or rooms where you wish to control the glare of the sun, such as entertainment rooms.

Shades in Manhattan & New York City

With our electric shades, Manhattan homes and buildings, as well as those in the greater New York City area, will benefit from the convenience that is provided, especially for windows treatment designed for difficult to reach places. Our custom made products – a large number of which are made right here in the USA - can be created for easy installation in just about any residence so as to add a touch of quality to your home, with the added benefit of being so easy to use. Dr. Shade has a wide selection of automated shades, motorized window treatments as well as virtually endless styles of drapes and curtains. These are ideal for Manhattan and New York City homeowners with tall windows that can be difficult and dangerous to reach. Our motorized shades and drapes add an element of safety, by eliminating the need to climb or use ladders to open and close. Ultimately our wide selection of window treatment products means that you can find the right style, design and type of blinds, curtains or shades to suit any window and any room. From simple and understated to elegant showpiece designs, you can be sure to find exactly the perfect piece for you.
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