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Sit Back and Enjoy the Small Luxuries in Life with Motorized Shades

In the past, motorized shades were thought of as an indulgence that was only available to office and households that can afford them. Now, thanks to the availability of affordable, high-quality products in the market, you can be free from the inconvenience of messy, tangled cords and manage natural light more easily.

Motorized window treatments offer many benefits to its users. First off, the need to fuss with wands and cords is eliminated. Second, those who suffer from mobility and dexterity issues, as well as households with young children where cord dangers lurk in every corner, will find motorized shades a worthwhile investment.

For households and offices with extra large or floor-to-ceiling windows, the weight of one shade can sometimes be too heavy for one person to lift. This is another scenario where motorized window treatments come in handy.

Innovation Shades offer a variety of affordable selections and customizations for its motorized shades, blinds, and other window treatments. Call us at (212) 343-9900 for more information.

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