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A Different Texture for Every Space

Small apartments are a New York fact of life. It’s a small price to pay for living here with everything you need to make your dreams come true right at your fingertips. Besides, a small space isn’t so hard to live in when you lay it out well and find interesting ways to separate the distinct functional spaces within the apartment. Here are some ideas to help make you feel less like you’re sleeping in the living room and watching TV in the kitchen.

Sitting Area

If your furniture is “matchy-matchy” it can be hard to tell where the living room begins and the dining room ends. A big, bold piece like a plaid easy chair placed a comfortable viewing distance from the TV says “this is the living room” and a leather couch backing on to the adjoining space closes it off without really closing it off. As an added bonus, leather furniture is remarkably durable, which you’ll be pleased about when someone spills a glass of red wine on your couch during one of your fabulous New York soirees.

Dining Room

Blue is one of THE hottest colors this year. A sleek glass and metal dining room table is durable, can be inexpensive, and looks great in a room of any color. Try a big, bold blue on the walls in the dining space only and add some complementing pillows on the dining room chairs. Keep it fun and funky and in two years, when blue is history and orange is the new black, you can change the paint and the accessories to stay on trend without changing every element in the room.

Sleeping Area

Whether it’s because you’re behind on laundry or you forgot to make the bed, again, sometimes when you’re entertaining you just don’t want your bedroom to be on display. But you also may not want to have the room closed off when you’re by yourself. Folding screens can be a great solution but you have to find somewhere to put them when they’re not in use. Who wants to do that when space is at a premium? For a semi-permanent way to close off your sleeping area in an open floor plan, think about adding heavy, ceiling-mounted curtains. You can keep them closed when you have company and open when you have the place all to yourself.

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