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Two Ways to Hang Roller Shades

It’s not just a matter of personal preference; how you hang your roller shades will be determined by a number of factors. Is appearance the primary reason, or do you wish to control how much light enters the room?

Most people install their shades the standard way, where the fabric rolls back, close to the window. This method provides the most privacy and allows you to block the most amount of light. Standard installation is recommended for windows with shallower depths because it gets the shade farther inside the opening than if the roll were reversed.

The reverse roll, on the other hand, means that the fabric comes over the front of the roller. This provides a more ‘finished’ look, because it hides the roll of fabric from view. Furthermore, it is also good for clearing an obstruction, such as a window crank or handle because it pushes the window treatment away from the glass. The reverse roll is also recommended for roller shades with two different colors on each side, or if you want to cut back on costs and not use a valance.

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