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What’s New in Window Treatments?

We may be heading into the bleakest season of the year outside, but that doesn’t mean that things need to be dull and drab on the inside. With the latest trends and colors, the newest styles in window treatments can really heat things up inside. Find out what’s hot this year to see what you can incorporate into your home décor.

The Jewel of the Style

Jewel-toned window treatments in Emerald Green, Amethyst Purple and Ruby Red are taking the design world by Black Onyx storm this year. These bold color statements are making bland rooms shine all over the nation. In simple, elegant fabrics, a set of drapes in hot jewel tones can make an appearance in your home for a season or two if you like to spice things up frequently, or they can “hang around” for many years to come.

Metal Maniacs

Gold, silver and bronze aren’t just for the Olympics anymore! Fabrics in these metallic hues are making a big comeback in the design world. Don’t forget about the hardware! Once thought of as just the stuff that holds up the curtains, drapery hardware is coming into the spotlight in brilliant metallic finishes of its own.

Just a Trim

Remember pom-poms and tassels? They’re back and they’re making sassy additions to blinds and shades everywhere. From big and bold to small and understated, decorated embellishments add a touch of whimsy to any room and they’re definitely on designers’ hot lists this year. An embellished roman shade on one window can dramatically change the look of the whole room.

Sheer Delight

Natural light never goes out of style, but the window treatments that let that light shine through in varying degrees have been known to be in need of updates from time to time. This season, cheery sheers in bright, bold colors are all the rage. The sheers of old were white or cream-colored, but now they are as colorful as the rainbow. Bright red sheers can bathe an entire room in a pink glow, while cool blue sheers can bring tranquility to the sometimes chaotic life at home.

Window treatments are like clothes for your windows. You can dress them up in classics that will last for years, or you can buy fad pieces that you love for a couple of seasons. Just like clothing fashion, often the best results come from striking the right balance between the two.

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