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Window Coverings for Increased Privacy

It figures! Just when you found a place with the perfect amount of beautiful, natural light streaming in the windows, you also found out that your next door neighbor is a bit of a looky-loo. While you could always choose to keep your blinds closed at all times, it hardly seems fair that you need to give up your first cup of coffee by the morning light because someone else can’t keep their eyes to themselves. Why not consider new window treatments that can keep that light coming in while still allowing you to hang out in your bathrobe until noon on Sundays?


Cover Only What You Need

In a lot of cases, a simple duofold shade will solve your privacy problem right away. Able to open from the top or the bottom, you can lower the shade at the top to let in the light while keeping your private space private by covering the lower half of the window. These shades can also let the beautiful sunlight stream in while fully closed.


Lovely Layers

Adding curtains in more than one layer can give a lot of privacy when you need it, and open the space up a little more when you don’t. If one layer of your drapery is thick and solid and another layer is light and sheer, you can choose which curtains to close and when to close them. If your sheers are closed, from the outside it will still give the image of a covered window to those who only give your home a passing glance as they walk by.


Shut it Out

Shutters are still very on-trend in interior design today. They are arguably the fastest way to go from wide open and welcoming to completely closed in a matter of seconds. It’s the window equivalent of a “Do Not Disturb” sign, and it’s one you can put up quickly. Increased insulation is another bonus to well-fitted shutters. This can help lower your energy costs while keeping prying eyes at bay.


When it comes to choosing new window coverings, there is a lot to consider. Your budget will obviously be an important factor in your final decision, but don’t let it be the only one! Consider the rest of your décor and whether or not your preference is really the right choice for the room. It’s possible to have the privacy you need, at a price you can afford, in a style that works with the existing fixtures and furnishings.


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