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A Shopper’s Guide to Window Treatments

Are you looking to complete your living or office space with a trendy, chic window treatment? With the New Year upon us and holiday decor put away (and spring just around the corner), you may be looking to add a fresh, new look to your interior. The possibilities can seem endless, and there are many important factors to consider when trying to narrow your focus and decide on the best option for your room. Updated interior design trends seem to favor a clean & minimalistic approach, with clean lines, sheer fabrics and light colors; accenting a room, instead of dominating it. Simpler styling trends lean toward a more harmonious blend with walls and furnishings, balancing the overall look of your space. Darkening a room for the sake of adding privacy is something interior designers want to avoid this year.


Consider your space and lifestyle first and foremost. Do you have pets or children? Are you seeking a window treatment solution for a large opening, such as a bay window or sliding glass door? Also give some consideration to the desired functionality of your window treatment. For bedrooms, you may be seeking absolute privacy and light blocking, while a more translucent solution can be more practical for other living spaces.


Roman shades are arguably one of the most popular choices by interior designers today, particularly when selecting a window treatment for more contemporary themes. Their naturally flat construction can cover large spaces without an abundance of material. Roman shades are offered in a wide array of colors, patterns and material thickness, allowing a variable amount of light to shine through, all the while giving your living space complete privacy.


Drapes of today can add a dramatic flair to virtually any room, but are usually more suitable for larger spaces and/or rooms with higher ceilings. Still, drapes can transform virtually any room from drab to dramatic, without having to do much else with other design elements.  They can also present fun and interesting choices for fun colors and styles, with the added opportunity to introduce unique layering styles. Gone are your grandmother’s heavy draped effects!


There are a lot of options out there, but consider what you are looking to accomplish with a window treatment; style, light blocking, insulation, etc. Take the time to talk to a design expert –and do bring photos of the spaces in question.


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