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Window Treatment in NYC: Increase the Value of Your Property

Install the Right Window Treatment in Your NYC Unit to Increase its Resale or Rental Value

New York City has some of the highest property values in the world. Sometimes, the difference between a place that no one wants and one that everyone is eager to move into lies in having the right window treatment for your NYC home.

In NYC and its surrounding boroughs, spaces with a view can go for a premium, especially high-end properties with floor-to-ceiling windows. For these, the perfect, stylish blinds or drapes will frame the view and show your luxury unit in the best light.

If your property is located in a neighborhood that’s going through renewal, you could expect privacy to be a primary concern. The right choice of window treatment, however, will ensure that prospective tenants will not think twice about moving in. Roller shades, for example, allow occupants to go about their business undisturbed while keeping out unnecessary light during summer.

With the right window treatment for your New York City space, you can watch your rental and resale rates go through the roof! Contact us at (212) 343-9900 to know more.

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