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Where to Get the Best Window Treatments in New York City

You can buy secondhand or used window treatments or make your own if you’re feeling like Martha Stewart, however nothing beats the advice and guidance of an expert. For the best and most stylish window treatments in New York City, look no further than Innovation Shades.

As NYC’s top window treatment specialists, we have been around for the last 25 years, offering custom and high-end window treatments to homeowners throughout New York City, Long Island City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, and Park Slope.

In line with our commitment to give you only the best window treatments, all of our products come with a lifetime warranty so you can rest assured you’re getting real value for your money. Additionally, we’re also offering right now a 20% discount on all products with free installation!

For inquiries about our window treatments for New York City, please do not hesitate to contact us at (212) 343-9900; we’d be glad to hear from you.

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