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Why are Wood Blinds for New York Apartments Ideal for Privacy?

There are many types of window treatments available today but if you’re looking for one that can give you a good amount of privacy, wood blinds in your New York apartment offers the kind of privacy that you won’t find from any other type of window treatment.

With Venetian blinds or other plastic blinds, a person’s silhouette could still be outlined even with the blinds fully closed. But a set of wood blinds in your Manhattan or Long Island apartment, the solid slats can block the view from outside when the blinds are closed.

Apart from complete privacy, wood blinds offer natural insulation that keeps the room at a comfortable temperature setting. In terms of care and maintenance, wood blinds require minimal attention. You can clean them with a cloth and mild cleanser without removing them from the window. Plastic blinds usually have to be taken down for thorough cleaning.

We offer design and consultation services, apart from window treatments like aluminum and wood blinds for Manhattan, Long Island City, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Park Slope, and New York City clients. To learn more about our selection of wood blinds for New York apartments,CONTACT US Dr. Shade at (212) 343-9900.

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