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Wood Blinds


Wood Blinds

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Wood blinds provide an organic alternative when it comes to furnishing a room. This style of shade provides a highly attractive appearance combined with the natural insulation effects that the wood has. Wood blinds work effectively and effortlessly in tandem with a range of styles and other materials, making them the ideally suited for installation just about anywhere.


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Product Features:

Warm Appearance, Eco-Friendly, Room Darkening, Energy Savings, Full or Moderate Privacy
GreenGuard Certified and Child/Pet Safe





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Stylish Wood Blinds in New York

When it comes to classy and sophisticated window treatments, wood blinds are in a league of their own. Elegant and warm to look at, many homes and apartments in New York show off the natural look of wood blinds. In New York especially where the hustle and bustle of city living can be stressful, the right window treatment can help create a comforting and welcoming sanctuary out of your living space.

Why Wood Blinds?

Whether faux or made from real wood, wood blinds come in a variety of styles, slat sizes, stains, and more, which make them an interior designer’s favorite decorating tool. Hang them in the living room, bedroom, or your home office; wood blinds are as fashionable as they are functional. Some of the features they offer are:

Privacy – Depending on the design, wood blinds offer moderate to full privacy options which make them ideal for the bedroom.

Light Control – Close or angle the slats to control how much sunlight you want to let in. Closing them fully will darken your room.

Natural Insulation – As wood has natural insulation effects, this gives wood blinds the added benefit of keeping heat inside your home during winter and keeping it out in summer.

Why Choose Innovation Shades?

With more than 25 years of experience decorating home and office windows all over New York, Innovation Shades is committed to delivering the finest selection of world-class window treatments.

It all starts with a consultation with our design experts. They will get to know you and your needs, including your budget and aesthetic preferences. From there they can provide you an estimate at no cost or obligation. As our designers are industry leaders, they’d be happy to answer your questions with our free consultations.

All of Innovation Shades’ wood blinds are:

  • GreenGuard Certified
  • Child and Pet Safe
  • 100% Eco-Friendly

Additionally, for the modern and ultra-chic homeowner, we offer motorization for our wood blinds. Now you will no longer need to deal with unsightly tangled cords and ropes; all you need is a remote to control the privacy and light options of your wood blinds.

For inquiries about our services or for more information about our exclusive collection of wood blinds for New York, Manhattan, and Long Island homes and offices, please do not hesitate to contact us at (212) 343-9900; we also offer free delivery and installation of our products so hurry and call us today for innovative window treatments!

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