Motorized Roman Shades

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Combine the attractive design of Roman shades with the convenience of a motorized system for a no-strings attached, elegant window covering.

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Combine the attractive design of Roman shades with the convenience of a motorized system for a no-strings attached, elegant window treatment. Perfect for hard to reach places, or simply to avoid clambering over furniture, motorized Roman shades are one of life’s little pleasures. This sophisticated style of window shade is guaranteed to add to the appearance of any room, and the motorized system is even more impressive.

Product features: Wide range of colors and fabrics, Blackout, Room darkening, Energy Savings, Full Privacy, GreenGuard Certified and Child/Pet Safe

Motorization: Available

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Automated, Motorized Roman Shades for Style and Convenience

Eliminate hazardous trailing cords and increase convenience and safety while controlling privacy and glare with our motorized roman shades. NYC homes and offices will greatly benefit from this type of window treatment, with its stylish looks and convenient means of operation. Ideal for any room in your home or office, automated roman shades are great for difficult-to-reach windows and other hard to access areas.

Improving your window treatments mean making an investment in your home, so why not invest in cutting-edge technology? Our motorized roman shades are simple to use, visually appealing, durable, and deliver complete, effortless control with just a touch of a button.

Style, Convenience, and Energy Savings for Home or Office Environments

Raise efficiency and lower energy costs while enjoying greater convenience with our selection of motorized roman shades for New York City homes and offices. With just the touch of a button, you can adjust the shades based on external conditions. Providing more than just the ability to block out harsh sunlight, our exceptional motorized roman shades for NYC homes and offices also do a great job of managing heat gain or loss, and optimizing natural light while reducing glare to improve your comfort and productivity.

Whether you’re simply interested in upgrading your current window treatments or looking to install customized shading solutions through a building management system, Innovation Shades offers a wide range of options for motorized roman shades in your New York City home or office. No matter what the scope, we can provide several products so that you can benefit from quality, stylish, and cost-effective window treatments, and enjoy a better indoor environment.

Why should I get automated roman shades for my NYC home or office?

Just picture it; windows with no unwieldy cords hanging from them. Our Window Treatments offer a clean, uncluttered look that can make your home or office look and feel more visually appealing and organized.

Another notable benefit of getting motorized roman shades for your home or office is that they eliminate the manual pulling, tugging, and associated wear and tear that comes with substandard window treatments. Forget about messing around with operating cords; automated shades don’t only provide convenience, they also offer the same aesthetic appeal that our other high quality shading solutions provide.

For more information about our automated roman shades, feel free to contact us. You may also browse our website to view our exclusive collection or learn more about what customized options are available to you.