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Aluminum blinds are trouble-free and dependable, making them a great investment for as a window covering.

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Aluminum blinds are trouble-free and dependable, making them a great investment for as a window covering. With attractive looks and a timeless style, aluminum blinds can be used in all windows and with a huge variety of decors. Their adaptability and sturdiness help to make this type of window treatment a pleasant and cost-effective option.

Product features: Economical, Wide range of colors, Blackout, Room darkening, Full or Moderate Privacy, GreenGuard Certified and Child/Pet Safe

Motorization: Available

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Aluminum Blinds for NYC Homes, Office Spaces, and More

For more than 25 years, Innovation Shades has provided home and office space windows all over New York City the kind of treatment they deserve—world-class design at the right price. If you’re looking for a trendy yet timeless window treatment, consider the wide range of colors we have for aluminum blinds. Your NYC home or office will not only look chic and elegant from the outside but also feel comfortable and pleasant to live in, thanks to the high functional value aluminum possesses.

Why Aluminum Blinds

Lightweight but sturdy, aluminum lasts years, making the material one of the most practical and cost-effective options for windows. Additionally, you can rest easy with cleaning and maintenance, especially in areas where indoor temperatures might change such as the kitchen and bathroom.

If you’re designing the windows in your bedroom, aluminum blinds offer full and moderate privacy options. They do a great job reflecting the sun’s rays, darkening your room effectively,and keeping it cool in the hotter months.

You can’t go wrong investing in aluminum blinds. In New York City where the urban landscape is invigorated with art, you can customize your blinds to suit your aesthetic preferences. Your style, size, and color options for aluminum are practically endless! Add that special touch that will make your home or office stand out with our help.

Other advantages that our aluminum blinds come with are:

  • GreenGuard Certified
  • Child and Pet Safe
  • Motorization

Why Choose Innovation Shades?

As a testament to our commitment to delivering the best selection of window treatments in the industry, our aluminum blinds come with lifetime warranty. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed on our products and services.If you’ve settled on using aluminum blinds for your NYC home or office, we can assist you from start to end. Whether you want your blinds to match the décor of your space or are looking for a completely new design statement, we have design experts you can consult with. As industry leaders, we work within your budget and are more than glad to offer consultations and estimates at no cost or obligation. We may also be of assistance when it comes to deliveries and installations.