Motorized Solar Shades

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Motorized solar shades minimize the dangers of trailing chords and maximize the ease of controlling privacy and light.

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Motorized solar shades minimize the dangers of trailing cords and maximize the ease of controlling privacy and light. This ultra-fashionable and convenient way of operating window shades is perfect for windows that are located at difficult to reach heights, or other hard to access areas. Motorized solar shades are perfect for anywhere in the home, such as entertainment rooms, where controlling the glare of the sun can be vital while you relax.

Product features: Modern Design, Reduce Glare, Cuts UV Rays, Energy Savings, Moderate Privacy, GreenGuard Certified and Child/Pet Safe

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Motorized Solar Shades

Automated Solar Shades in NYC

Browse our exclusive collection of motorized solar shades for NYC homes and offices

Motorized solar shades for your New York City home or office combine the stylish looks of solar shades with the convenience of automated controls, delivering a versatile and elegant window treatment for your space. Best used for unconventional spaces and window styles, or for simple, hassle-free operation, our automated shades are the ideal solution. No matter which style or fabric you choose, we’re sure that you’ll benefit from window treatments that are sophisticated and highly functional.

By installing our motorized shades in your NYC home or office, you will never have to go through the hassle of clambering over furniture to pull the shades up or down. The motorized shades we have for our New York City clients have steadily grown in popularity, thanks to the convenience they bring, as well as our very attractive designs. No matter what kind of automated shades you get for your NYC home or office, Innovation Shades will ensure that you get the products you need, no-strings attached.

Allowing users to fully control the amount of light entering the room with a simple push of a button, our motorized solar shades offer unlimited possibilities for style, convenience, and energy savings. Not only can you easily block harsh sunlight out and protect your furniture and carpeting from ultraviolet rays with our shades, they are also great window treatments for very tall windows.

Please feel free to browse our wide variety of motorized shades to find the window treatment that best works for your preferences and needs. Both our automated solar shades and roman shades are useful for hard-to-access windows. If you want extra protection from harsh ultraviolet rays, or if your space gets very high amounts of sunlight during certain hours of the day, you may want to consider our motorized solar shades. Not only do these allow you to control light and privacy, they are also easy and safe to use. To achieve a truly “home theater feel” in your entertainment room or living area, our automated solar shades come highly recommended.

In business since 1987, Innovation Shades has achieved a reputation of being a top provider of only high quality, stylish shades—our motorized shades are no exception. Our company is dedicated to providing beautiful yet functional window treatments that will highlight the best qualities of any room in your home or office while maintaining privacy and safety. With our exclusive collection of stylish and versatile shades, your home or office will surely reflect your personality, remain functional, and impress guests for years to come.